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 Marriage & Family Counseling & Mediation

965 E Yosemite Ave, Suite 1B

Manteca, Ca 95336

Linda Mills, LMFT 


Love is a Choice

Meaning- Love is not a feeling, it is a choice. A choice you have to make everyday, sometimes many times a day. Love is a Action word, its something you do!

People Don't Change Unless They Have To

Meaning - Often people continue to behave in hurtful or harmful ways because they can. When their behavior stops working for them (causes a loss, i.e. marriage, job, friendship, etc...) - WaLaa - all the sudden they are motivated to change.

There is NO excuse for Bad Behavior

Meaning - Take responsibility for your own actions - Don't Blame Others!

You Are What You Eat

Meaning - Whatever you feed yourself or are being fed through others or your environment, i.e. anger, hate, disrespect, violence, negative thoughts, etc... so shall you become!

Feed yourself good stuff, i.e. positive thoughts, kindness, patience, forgiveness, etc...

Everyone Has the God Given Right to Make Their Own Choices

Meaning - Everyone has the right to make mistakes AND suffer the consequences

If You Don't Want Someone to Find Out What Your Doing - Maybe You Shouldn't Otta Be Doing It

Meaning - Don't do things you would be ashamed of if anyone (or someone like a parent, wife, husband, etc..) were to find out about.

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