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 Marriage & Family Counseling & Mediation

965 E Yosemite Ave, Suite 1B

Manteca, Ca 95336

Linda Mills, LMFT 


Marriage Strengthening Activities

  1. List three things you admire most about your spouse
  2. What makes you cherish your spouse
  3. What was your first impression of your spouse
  4. Why do you think some marriages work and some don’t
  5. What have been the happiest times for you in your marriage
  6. What do you think have been the happiest times in your spouses marriage
  7. List one characteristic you find endearing or lovable about your spouse
  8. Write about one good time in your marriage
  9. Think about one romantic time in your marriage
  10. Pick one physical attribute you like about your spouse
  11. Pick one characteristic that makes you proud of your spouse
  12. Think of one thing you both have in common
  13. Describe one belief your share
  14. List one common goal
  15. What secret does your spouse know
  1. When was a time your spouse was very supportive of you
  2. How does your spouse help you reduce stress
  3. Divide the household chores up fairly
  4. Make a plan together
  5. List two things about your marriage you are proud of
  6. List one fault of your spouse’s that you have learned to live with and do not resent
  7. Think of someone who’s marriage is worse than your own
  8. What is a benefit of being married to your spouse
  9. Think of a difficult storm you weathered with your spouse
  10. Write a love letter to your spouse and mail it
  11. Plan a get away with your spouse
  12. Make a list of what you have accomplished as a team
  13. Plan something that interests your spouse000
  14. Plan a date night with your spouse
  15. Plan an erotic evening with your spouse