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 Marriage & Family Counseling & Mediation

965 E Yosemite Ave, Suite 1B

Manteca, Ca 95336

Linda Mills, LMFT 



       What is Mediation? Mediation is a civil and responsible way to settle a dispute. When the courts are used to settle personal disputes, such as personal property, divorce or even child custody, the participants are often left out of the decision. Two parties go to court when an agreement for settlement cannot be reached between them. The judge ultimately makes the decision how to settle the dispute and neither party has control over that decision. Mediation, on the other hand, is for those who want to make sure they have input on how the dispute is settled. Since each party has control over the outcome of the dispute, no lawyers, judges or civil court appearances are needed. Mediation is non-threatening and can be conducted jointly or separately, depending on the circumstances and the wishes of each party. Each party is able to come to an agreement they feel can be lived with. Most times disputes can be settled in just a couple of hours, however, some mediations are more complicated and can take an entire day or more. The cost of mediation is far less than the cost of an attorney; even if took all day to come to an agreement. All that is needed for a successful mediation are participating parties who are willing to settle the dispute and an impartial mediator that has the aptitude to conduct the mediation. 

       Divorce, co-parenting, child and/or spousal support, division of assets and debts, or modification of existing orders. pre- and post-marital agreements, business difficulties, and elder care issues are just some of the issues mediation can be successfully utilized for.