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 Marriage & Family Counseling & Mediation

965 E Yosemite Ave, Suite 1B

Manteca, Ca 95336

Linda Mills, LMFT 


Who Needs A Therapist

  Life is all about experiences and changes. Everyone has experiences, some good and some bad, and everyone goes through changes in their life, some good and some bad. For example marriage, divorce, grief, loss, work stress, relationship conflicts, disabilities, fear, addictions, trauma (such as rape, molestation, near death experiences), even domestic violence are just some issues that can effect us and others around us. Often there is someone you feel close to. Someone you know well and can talk with and bounce things off of, like a friend or relative. Such people can help you sort out and work through problems. Unfortunately, too often for some, there is no one to talk to. In those cases, a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist may be the right choice. Therapy/Counseling is completely confidential (unless otherwise mandated by law).   

If you are in a crisis or you feel your relationships are suffering due to life problems or unresolved issues in your life, don’t keep enduring the pain alone. There is hope and there is someone to talk to, someone who can help. Simply call 209-470-3295 to schedule a appointment and see if a Marriage & Family Therapist can be of service to you.